Wassup Africa…..!!!! Shoe-making is a great form of art, and Its a lovely sight to see a beautiful lady who does custom made shoes and belts for her clients. Meet Michelle Ekure the CEO of Michelle Leathers, a young Nigerian entrepreneur from Delta State who is an energetic, goal-driven, resilient and hard working lady. Michelle had her early Education in Delta state and moved to Edo state to get her Bachelors degree in International Studies and Diplomacy from the University of Benin, she believes creativity in fashion is about your mindset.

She loves the compliments and admiration she gets from her design and the satisfaction of creating something beautiful out of leathers. She started making shoes as a side business just to make ends meet while she was also looking for a job, but eventually she realized she no longer needed that side job and creativity grew and hunger for her bespoke increased. There is always that point in everyone’s life when you search your soul to find answers, and this she did and today she is happy with making shoes and getting revenue from it.
Starting the business according to Michelle was difficult process, as she had to use token from friends and family to purchase materials but eventually, with focus, hard work and consistency she was able to make her craft into the brand it is today.
Michelle also believes in training young aspiring female designers, which she says has always been an integral part of her; motivating them to know they don’t necessarily need to always depends on the government for money. With skill acquisition and hard work, you can reach your goals and be the best at what you do.
Article by : Asekhamhe Moses

Email: kingmozay1@gmail.com

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