WassupAfrica……….!!  It is my pleasure to introduce to you Agho Osasere, the CEO of “kendrick kouture”, Which was launched 2013. His bespoke fashion production ranges from clothing designs, shoes, handbags and wallets.

Osasere (better know by his friends at Shizzy) started fashion in high school, University Demonstration Secondary School, UDSS in Benin city, Edo state. He was always top in knitting and also had a passion for art which usually reflects in his designs. Osasere believes to be successful in the fashion industry, you have to be stubborn and hardworking about it; finding perfection no matter how long it takes; and accepting criticism even when you believe you are at your best.

In his spare time, he loves to hang out with his friends and also his clients, getting to know their thoughts about his work and how it can be fused into his latest designs. For him, as life changes, clothes, shoes and bags should also change, if possible on a daily basis, so he is always on a mission to change your style and give you that look that fits your day and how you feel.
Article by : Asekhamhe Moses
Email: kingmozay1@gmail.com


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