Wassup Africa….!! When we talk about Ankara we are talking about African wax prints or Dutch wax, it is a fabric commonly worn by Sub-Saharan countries, they are industrially
Produced, colorful cotton cloths with batik -inspired printing. The process to make Ankara is originally influenced by batik, an Indonesian ( Javanese ) method of dyeing cloth by using wax-resist techniques. For batik, a wax is melted and then patterned across the blank cloth. From there, the cloth is soaked in dye, which is prevented from covering the entire cloth by the wax. If additional colors are required, the wax-and- soak process is repeated with new patterns. Majority of women wear the fabric as it portrays a lot of detail, it is used in events and 

a particular style and color is used for a particular event to portray a theme. It is used for fashion and worldwide celebrities in America like Beyoncé had been seen wearing the fabric, due to the high concentration of Nigerians in America.
Lagbaja, a Nigerian afro artiste is seen most times wearing the fabric. Fela also is seen wearing the fabric.
Ankara can be sown into different styles varying from Ankara shirts, Ankara trousers, Ankara suits, Ankara shorts. Due to its rich colors it has been adopted to making of Ankara bags, Ankara purse, Ankara wallets, etc. The Ankara pictures portrayed in the picture above was from the Ankara day at the prestigious faculty of Education in the University of Lagos. #PartyInUnilag #Akokite #Culture #Ankara fabric #African print #weloveafricanart


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